Soldier, Poet or King: What Does This Mean For Your Relationships?

Published on 3/1/2023

I was first introduced to the Soldier, Poet or King test through the number of people complaining that they got ‘King’ when they’re obviously a ‘Poet’. This sparked my interest, so I decided to try the test for myself. I just wanted to confirm my clear status as a Poe’. I had no doubt in my mind that I’d receive this result, as I’m a writer, I read a lot and I’m always travelling. I struggle in a traditional 9-5 situation and my life revolves around creativity.

As you might have guessed, I ended up being a King rather than a Poet.

I was a little shocked and promptly forced all of my friends to take the test as well. I wanted proof that everyone was receiving the King result and it wasn’t a reflection on me. The test had to be rigged. But naturally, two of my friends ended up as Poets, one as a Soldier and a fellow King. The only difference is that they were proud to be a King.

So what does it mean to be a Soldier, Poet or King? What can this label tell you about yourself, and how to approach relationships? Or if you’re completely lost, what even is the Soldier, Poet or King test?!

What is the Soldier, Poet or King test?

Based on a 2015 song by 'The Oh Hellos', this viral quiz allows you to discover if you’re the Soldier, Poet or King. The questions vary greatly. You’re asked about your fears, your sense of duty and your desires. There are 20 questions in total and they’re not very straight-forwarded. But just lean into it and follow your gut. Don’t overthink the questions, just take the quiz.

At the time of writing this, the population results for the quiz are:

62% King

21% Soldier

15% Poet

The Soldier

“There will come a soldier, who carries a mighty sword, he will tear your city down.” - Soldier, Poet, King by The Oh Hellos

Sounds bad, but don’t worry, the Soldier isn’t a hulking menace. The Soldier is passionate, driven by extreme emotions. Often this emotion is anger, but it can also simply be passion. You throw yourself into things. You follow order, and you likely consider yourself to be a highly loyal person. You see the purpose in everything you do, and you’re comfortable in letting life happen and trusting your journey.

How could we see the Soldier in daily life?

Someone who respects authority and is usually content with the way things are, they don’t resist the inevitable. They work hard and see it as the way to getting results. They’re consistent, what they say is what they do. You’ll see them in a 9-5 and appreciating a structured week.

What are the Soldier’s relationships like?

Of the three personality types, the Soldier is most likely to be content in long-term relationships. They thrive in the security found in another person. They want nothing more than coming home to someone who loves them unconditionally. The Soldier is less likely to be afraid of commitment or take their partner for granted. But they might do well in a relationship with a Poet or King, to give them the push they sometimes need to get out of their comfort zone and not take things for granted.

And if your partner is a Soldier?

It’s all about the little things. They don’t need big gestures, they just need you to be there for them. They’ll likely respond to small gestures, like bringing them a coffee in the morning or covering them with a blanket when they fall asleep.

The Poet

“There will come a poet, whose weapon is his word, he will slay you with his tongue.” - Soldier, Poet, King by The Oh Hellos

The esteemed Poet, that I so badly sought to be. Congratulations, you are one of the few Poets of the world! But contrary to popular belief, being a Poet isn’t just about creativity and the arts.

The Poet is powerful but struggles to believe it. They will always think that they’re not enough and run from their thoughts. They are driven by faith, not necessarily in a higher power, but in something better in the world. The Poet is free and yet wishes to find somewhere they feel at home. They are restless and yet can find home in many places. They are the dreamers that believe in what the world can be, and won’t settle for less.

How could we see the Poet in daily life?

You might spot the Poet in creative fields, as they struggle with a typical 9-5. If they don't work in an artistic profession, they likely work on their own terms in some way. The Poet is likely to sell all their things and embark on a new adventure, perhaps at a mere moment’s notice. They are the #vanlifers and digital nomads of the world. They seek art and beauty in everything they do, whether it’s a sunset on their Instagram feed or a sticker collage on their laptop.

What are the Poet’s relationships like?

The Poet is a free spirit, and likely struggles to commit to a person. They don’t want to feel tethered, and they fear stability. They likely fall in love easily and frequently. They’re the friend that comes back from a first date saying they’ve met the ‘one’ and then returns from the third date claiming they have the ick. They simply enjoy connecting with people. Finding a fellow Poet would allow them to have the maximum passion, a love of the ages, but it would also be chaotic and unstable. Truthfully, a Poet will be best suited to a Soldier, their opposite who can ground them.

And if your partner is a Poet?

They want fireworks and fear normalcy, so ensure they know how much you adore them. Be sure to pull out some words of affirmation and even a little gift giving. But they key to a Poet’s heart is their creativity, so respect their art, whatever it may be. Take an interest in their creative pursuits and ensure they know you respect them.

The King

“There will come a ruler, whose brow is laid in thorn, smeared with oil like David’s boy.” - Soldier, Poet, King by The Oh Hellos

And finally, we reach the King, my own personality type! Although I was initially surprised, like many others it seems, I now realise why I am a King and I’ve found peace with it.

The King is torn between the duty of a Soldier and the freedom of a Poet. They have the soul of a Poet without the heart to commit to it, weighed down by responsibility. They feel like they owe something to the world, or their parents, or others, and so they sacrifice. They are known to be steady and unbreaking and yet they tire of being this figure for others. Kings place so much burden on themselves and yet refuse to admit that it is by their own hand.

How could we see the King in daily life?

The King will likely be working a 9-5, although perhaps in a creative or people-orientated field. They don’t feel like they have another choice. But they may have a side hustle, or a dream they’re working towards. Maybe they’re selling art on Etsy or typing away at a manuscript. They feel a duty to hold a ‘responsible’ job but they’re desperately searching for more. They might start a travel Instagram or search for ways to feel free despite their duties.

What are the King’s relationships like?

A King will feel like they should want the commitment and security of a long-term relationship, and yet whenever they get close to it, they may shun it or find a way to self-sabotage. In truth, they fear the security they push themselves towards. But unlike the Poet, they can’t accept this and find freedom in dating or not dating. They will stick with a failing relationship or ruin it before the other person can. But if they find someone who understands both sides of them, freedom and duty, then they can have a loving and honest relationship. Kings work well with fellow Kings, as it allows them to strip off their layers and be true.

And if your partner is a King?

Allow them to be inconsistent, as this is part of who they are. They will easily feel like you’re squeezing them into a box of either identity, but give them the space and security to be both sides of who they are. Encourage them to follow their dreams but don’t make it seem like you’re judging them for choosing the safe route. Recognise that they may be trying to reflect their own insecurities onto you, and in those moments, leave them be.

Whether you’re a Soldier, Poet or King, you have so much to offer the world and so much that you deserve to receive. So embrace who you are and be proud of your result - even if you’re a Poet turned King! What did you get on the test? Let me know in the comments, and mention whether you recognise yourself in the description.



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